jeudi, décembre 14, 2017
  • Particuliers

    ((Cours d'informatique et d'internet, dépannage d'ordinateurs, conseils d'achats))

    Phase d'apprentissage

    Apprentissage de l'informatique, des logiciels et d'internet

    Réparation d'ordinateurs buggés


    Alternatively, sSMise à jour et sauvegarde des smartphones sur un ordinateur

    Les plus belles vidéos du site ont été fournies par

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  • Professionnels

    ((RokSprocket is a powerful content display extension, that is quick and easy to use))

    Intuitive UI.

    An advanced interface, used for all layout types, to easily configure RokSprocket.

    Headlines Layout.

    A snippet layout type, ideal for previewing content items, such as for newsflash articles.

    Mosaic Layout.

    A grid type layout mode to easily display multiple content blocks, in a magazine format.

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  • Associations/Entreprises

    ((Boutique en ligne, espace membres, site vitrine, référencement))

    Dropdown Menu.

    A CSS based dropdown menu, with support for multiple columns with custom widths.

    More Features.

    The Dropdown Menu also has support for inline text, icons, modules and positions.


    A versatile, static horizontal menu system that displays its children in the sidebar.

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  • Lumiere has a responsive layout, it adapts to the widths of the viewing device, as powered
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  • The Gantry Framework sits at the core of the template, providing the base for the major
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  • Increase the speed of your site by enabling the RokBooster plug-in which will compress and combine
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Top News of the Week.

Lumiere uses HTML5 video to create a dynamic and interactive user experience.

Certifié Microsot

Windows, sytèmes, réseaux et Cloud

Gantry Extras.

Accordion Style.

  • Grid System +

    CSS based grid framework built with commonly used dimensions. Read More
  • Stunning Interface +

    Gantry provides a unique intuitive interface to control all design aspects Read More
  • Integrated Features +

    Integrated with a lot of built-in features such as Date, Font-Sizer and more. Read More
  • Extensible AJAX +

    AJAX system for dynamic functionality in all features & 3rd party addons. Read More
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